You may be eligible for FREE cremation/burial space

At the Forest Lawn Group of Cemeteries we offer the most expansive “burial rights” of any cemetery in WNY, which simply means that we allow more burials in a single grave or crypt than any other cemetery. This enables you to save a substantial amount of money on at-need or pre-need cremation or burial space at any of our cemeteries, and more importantly ensures that your family can remain together forever.

For New Lot or Crypt Purchases

We allow up to 4 burials in a single, full-size grave. This may include 1 full casket and 3 cremation urns or a total of 4 urns. In a mausoleum crypt, we now allow up to 11 cremation urns in a single crypt.

For example, 2 side-by-side graves can now include a total of 8 burials, which can include 2 caskets and 6 cremation burials or a total of 8 cremation burials.

For Heirs of Existing Lot or Crypt Owners

Because of the expanded burial rights (allowing up to 4 burials in a single grave and up to 11 interments in a single mausoleum crypt), an individual with an ancestor who purchased burial space at any of the Forest Lawn Group of Cemeteries may be entitled to FREE burial space for themselves and their spouse at that cemetery.

We’ve made it simple for you to determine whether or not you are entitled to free burial space at any of our cemeteries and, if so, to pursue your options. All it takes is a phone call to us at 716-885-1600. Please Note that other NYS mandated fees for burial services would still apply.

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