All of the cemeteries in the Forest Lawn Group accept the incidental burial of cremated domestic pets in our cemeteries, which means that pet owners can inter the cremated remains of their domestic pets with them in the cemetery.

At the Forest Lawn Group, we are pleased to permit pet burials, which allows us to better meet the emotional needs of the many families and individuals who have a strong bond with their pets.

Pet burials will also support the Forest Lawn Group’s promise of perpetual care made to all those people who are interred in our cemeteries. Under the pet burial law, all fees associated with the burial of cremated domestic pets must be deposited into the cemetery’s permanent maintenance fund. So, any revenue derived from pet burials will go directly to the maintenance of our cemeteries, which helps us to keep our solemn promise to provide the finest in perpetual care to all those who rest within our gates.

To learn more or to arrange for the burial of your pet(s), please contact us at 716-885-1600.