Leave a Tribute to a Loved One

Add your memories to your loved one’s memorial page.

A Memorial Page has been established for everyone who is buried at any Forest Lawn Group cemetery or cremated at the Forest Lawn Cremation Company.

On your loved one’s Memorial Page, you and your family and friends from around the corner or across the globe can share your memories of your loved one and build a timeline of his/her life. You can contribute by adding stories, photos, video and audio clips, newspaper clippings, obituaries, etc. It’s a great way to ensure that all those precious memories, photos and video of your loved one are no longer hidden away in boxes in the attic or stored precariously on a phone or tablet. And it’s all FREE.

Learn how to locate and add content to your loved one’s Memorial Page here.

In the Locate a Loved One search tool, enter your loved one’s first name and last name in the search fields and click on search. You should see the results of your search. If there is more than one person with the same name as your loved one, check the Date of Death to narrow down your search. Once you have identified the correct record, click the link to “View & Submit Memories” to open your loved one’s memorial page.

Click on the Share a Memory button found at the top of the memorial page.

Photos, Sound recordings and Video can all be submitted.

Accepted formats – .jpg, .png, .gif, .mp4, .avi, .mov, .mp3.

The content is shown in the order it was submitted. If creating a Timeline submit earlier life memories first.

Submissions can only be deleted/edited by an administrator. You can submit your request to locatealovedone@forest-lawn.com

Submissions are stored on a secure server at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

No, but the memorial pages are.

Further information concerning submitted content can be found in the Forest Lawn Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.