Search Burial Records

At Forest Lawn we are the stewards of the most extensive collection of cremation and burial documents in Western New York, including the most comprehensive family archives.  The records of individuals who are buried (in ground or above ground) at any Forest Lawn Group cemetery or were cremated at the Forest Lawn Cremation Company are included in this database.  Among the cemeteries included are Forest Lawn, St. Matthew’s in West Seneca, Lakeside in Hamburg, Lancaster Rural Cemetery and two cemeteries in the village of Williamsville, NY – Williamsville Cemetery and Gethsemane Cemetery.

To do your search simply:

  1. Enter the first and last name of the individual you are looking for and click the “Search” button. (Note that if you do not select a specific cemetery or crematory your search will include records from all of our locations.)
  2. When the search results appear, if there is more than one record with the same name, check the date of death to select the right record.
  3. When you’ve found the right record, links to the available documents can be accessed by clicking on the document icon.

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