As we prepare for our annual spring cleanup of Forest Lawn we kindly ask that all graveside tributes and decorations be removed before March 1st.

This ensures a smooth and thorough process as we tidy up our beloved cemetery. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Not only does it facilitate the cleanup effort, but it also helps us maintain the dignity and beauty of our sacred space.

After March 1st, flowers and other plants which are removed from gravesites by our cemetery staff will be disposed of when removed, but as a courtesy to our lot owners, other items will be taken to a designated area adjacent to the Forest Lawn service garage, which is located behind our main office, at 1990 Main St., and will be kept there until March 31 for your retrieval if you wish.

Following the cleanup, you’ll have the opportunity to redecorate and honor your loved ones once again. Thank you for your understanding and support in preserving the sanctity of our grounds.